A Lie Nation - Melodic Extreme Metal

A Lie Nation is a group of five from Oulu, Finland, formed in the early 2009. While not a very determined or calculated project, it is very much the combination of its members’ passion and creativity. A Lie Nation is an array of styles wrapped in an extreme package.

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Looking like a rockstar while demoing tracks for the next recording. #demorecording #vocals #sundayfun #homemade #finnishmetal ‪#metalmusic..

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Uuden biisin yksilötreenit vauhdissa illan ensipuraisua varten. #guitarproläpi #rumpukartasto #vajaasormihaaste #metoditkumetodit #lopputulospriimaa..

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Patakakkonen Folk Metal

Thank you Kiiras Instruments for making this fuckin’ superior axe! https://youtu.be/ynX2pSOLozs

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Autumn didn’t arrive alone this year! It brought back our bass player Joonas (on the left) from his near year-long work/pleasure trip to the..

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Levyarviot: A Lie Nation - Begin Hate :: Imperiumi.net - PHHYKY

Päijät-Hämeen hyvinvointiyhtymä on näköjään päättänyt julkaista Begin Hate:n arvostelun Imperiumista omilla sivuillaan. Liekö varoittava..

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