A Lie Nation - Melodic Extreme Metal

A Lie Nation is a group of five from Oulu, Finland, formed in the early 2009. While not a very determined or calculated project, it is very much the combination of its members’ passion and creativity. A Lie Nation is an array of styles wrapped in an extreme package.

Bloodrock Media

Not quite everyday you get mentioned along with one of the most monumental albums ever. “Most black metal fans probably haven’t experienced a..

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A Lie Nation Interview

A Different Shade of Black Metal Zine did an interview with us. Take a look at: http://darkdoomgrinddeath.blogspot.fi/2017/03/a-lie-nation-interview.html

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Great review from Harte-Musik.de, 5 out of 5! https://www.harte-musik.de/cd-reviews-aktuell/a-lie-nation/ Here’s some points I could gather with..

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Inverse Records

Tunnin päästä kuulolla! A Lie Nation on the air in one hour!

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A Lie Nation/Begin Hate/Inverse Records/2017 EP Review

Some words from first review for “Begin Hate” EP that will be released 5.4.2017: “Great amount of melody and elements of death metal can also..

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